How to remove tire from rim with a machine

How to Take a Tire off a Rim Easily

The tire of your car is as important as any other part of the car and should therefore be regularly maintained. Part of this maintenance includes knowing how to take a tire off a rim

I have outlined step by step how you can get this done easily both with the use of a machine and without the use of a machine

How to take a tire off a rim without a machine

You can easily take off a rim from a tire without the use of a machine. I have written in detail how this can be done. Follow the steps below to learn how to remove a tire from a rim without a machine

Tools needed

  • Lubricant (You can use a dishwasher soap as an alternative)
  • A valve core removal tool (Can be gotten at any auto parts store. A plier can also be used as an alternative)
  • Tire Levers, Prybar, Tire iron, Crowbar (any of these ia okay. The wider it is, the better)
  • Screwdriver
  • To break the bead manually, you need one of these things: a Jack, a saw, a Knife or any other sharp cutting tool
  • Tire Bead Breaker (This is optional)

How to remove tire from rim without a machine

1. Deflate the tire

The first thing you need to do is to deflate the tire. This is done by removing the air valve with a valve core removal tool. The air valve is the small metal or rubber spoke that stays on the outside of the tire.

With the aid of the valve core removal tool to turn it in a counterclockwise direction until the cylindrical metal valve comes out.

2. Break the bead on the tire

How do you break the bead on a tire?

There are three major methods and tricks that you can make use of to break the bead bundle between the bead and the rim of a tire.

  • Drive and run over the tire you want to work on

This method involves putting the tire on the ground and driving your car over it.  This will force the tire down so it will be easier for the bead to come out of the groove. Make sure that you are driving on the rubber part of the tire and not on the rim.

There might be a need to do this a few times in order to break the rubber.

  • Put the whole weight on the vehicle on the tire via suspension

This involves raising the vehicle with a jack and partially lowering it onto the bead of the tire. Once you have lifted the vehicle, put the rubber part of the tire under the jack and gently lower the vehicle on the tire.

This method can be a bit dangerous and must be done with utmost care. It involves lifting and working under a vehicle. It is therefore not recommended for people without experience

  • Cut the bead off the rim

You can make use of a saw or knife to cut the bead.  You however need to be cautious so you don't damage the rim or tire while cutting. Try to follow the seam running alongside the bead

If You are having a hard time with this or you want an easier method, you can get a bead breaker tool. 

Bead breaker tools are very fast and easy to use. It's also the best way to debead a tire without damaging the rim. I would recommend  BeadBuster XB-450. It's one of the best bead breaker tools out there

Tire Bead Breaker

3. Put Pressure on the Rubber Side Area with Your Feet

At this point, the tire should be quite loose from the rim. Now put the tire on the floor and apply pressure on the rubber side with your feet. Ensure that you put the front part of the tire down while applying pressure.

You should also ensure that the tire does not get displaced or moved while doing this. This can be avoided by putting the tire on a carpet or a coarse surface,

4. Apply lubricant

Once you have broken the bead, you need to grease the edge of the rim as well as the bead with a lubricant. This will make it easy to pop the bead off the lip of the rim. Be generous with the application of the lubricant, try to use as much lubricant as possible.

In the absence of a lubricant, a liquid dishwasher can be used.  

5. Wedge open the space between the tire and the rim using a screwdriver and a pry bar  

Push down the rubber part of the rim with your feet to create an opening and gently slide the pry bar in the opening. Use the wheels rim as leverage and pry the bead over the top of the rim. Take the screwdriver and  work it around the tire to take the bead up.

Continue to do this till the  bead is over the rim at every side of the tire. Try to make use of wide pry bars and screwdrivers as they work the best.

6. Take the metal rim out of the rubber

Once the tire is completely loose on both sides, pull the rim as far as you can until the bead is free. 

How to remove tire from rim with a machine

While removing your tire from the rim without a machine is cost intensive, it can be time consuming. It is also dangerous as your tire or rim can be damaged if it is done incorrectly. Follow the steps below to learn how to remove your tire from the rim with a machine

Tools needed

  • Plywood Board (Alternatively,  you can make use of any strong wood surface)
  • Manual Tire Changing Machine
  • Tire Changing Rod (Alternatively, you can make use of any metal rod or tube with a pointed tip)
  • Screwdriver
  • Bolts 
  •  A valve core removal tool (Alternatively, you can make use of a plier Pliers)
  • Marker or Pencil
  • Lubricant (Alternatively, you can make use of  liquid dish soap or oil)


1. Set up the plywood base

You need to create a platform that is strong enough for the machine to stay on. Put the machine on the plywood board and trace the base of the machine using a pencil or a marker.Using a screwdriver and a number of bolts, tightly screw the machine to the plywood. 

Some people prefer screwing it directly to concrete. The aim here is to tightly fasten the machine so whatever platform you choose is up to you.

2. Deflate the the tire by removing the air valve

Making use of a valve core removal tool, remove the air valve. The air or the core valve is the metallic or black rubber spoke sticking out the front end of the rim. Turn it counterclockwise to remove it.

Ensure that the air in the tire is completely removed. There must be no air in the tire

3. Set the tire appaopriately on the machine and clamp it in place

Place the tire at the base of the changing machine. Look for a small and triangular nub on the base and fit the tire appropriately. Ensure that the front of the rim is facing upward. Once the wheel has been appropriately put on the nub, hook the tire changer arm (that wedge that looks like a bulldozer’s lift cylinder) on top of the rubber. Then you should make use of the clamp to hold it in place.

4. Break the tire bead from the rim using the tire changing rod

Using the changing rod that came with your machine, separate the metal rim from the rubber part of the tire. Start the process by sticking the rod’s pointy end into the rim-tire joint. Using your hand or your foot, put pressure on the wedge by pushing it down. This will gradually expose the rim.

Once you are done, turn the tire to the other side, fix appropriately and repeat the process.

How to remove tire from rim with a machine

5. Pour the lubricant around the rim

At this point, the tire should be free already and easy to remove. If it is not, pour some lubricant around the rim. Dishwashing liquid can also be used in place of the lubricant

6. Using the tire changing rod, lift the tire over the lip of the rim

Gently Insert the rod under the bead of the tire. Still holding the rod, pry the bottom bead of the tire above the rim using the rim as support. Work your way on the other angles as you slide the rod on the clockwise motion until all sides are loosened or until the tread is loose enough to pop the bead off.

7. Free the tire from the rim

At this point, your work is basically done. Use your hands to take out the rubber part of the car tire to separate it from the metal rim.

I have shown you how to remove a rim from a tire without a machine and with a machine. Both methods have been proven to be effective and you are free to use any of them. However, ensure that you take all safety precautions when doing this so you will prevent injury to yourself or damage to your tire/rim.

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