Ez Battery Reconditioning Reviews

EZ Battery Reconditioning Reviews

Ez Battery Reconditioning Review Overview

It is possible to recondition all battery types through the procedure you would garner and discover from the EZ battery reconditioning course. Devices such as cars, solar batteries, smartphones, and laptops. And this happens when you reside in regions that utilize these kinds of energies.

Moreso, there are also some fantastic sets of skills the program covers that you can potentially benefit from. Let’s take, for example. You can learn how to run a battery test using a multimeter just before you recondition them.

Another crucial thing to learn from this course is the common mistakes people make when they recondition their old batteries. Although these kinds of mistakes are easily avoidable, it is quite interesting that not too many people are aware of them.

The final step is that you will know how and where to get these old batteries to recondition, you will not need to spend a single cent. This is probably one of the best parts of the system and one of the benefits linked with the course.

Ez Battery Reconditioning Reviews

What is the EZ battery reconditioning program?

The EZ battery reconditioning program is an informational course. It’s more like a product course, and it comes in the form of a downloadable eBook. The EZ battery reconditioning course explains in explicit detail how to reconditions ten different types of batteries.

The goal of this course is to assist and teach individuals with limited knowledge of electronics. The course teaches them how to extend their batteries' lives, thereby saving them hundreds of dollars every year.

Who created the EZ battery reconditioning program?

The genius effort of two men created the EZ battery reconditioning program; Tom Ericson and Frank Thompson. While working in a golf cart company, frank Thompson always paid a visit to his partner Tom Ericson to collect golf carts old batteries.

Out of curiosity, Tom asked Frank what he did with the batteries he frequently picked up from his workplace. Frank explained that he reconditions all those batteries and then sells them for a few hundred dollars making 100% percent profit from each battery sale.

As a result of that brief explanation, Tom’s interest erupted; he became interested in refurbished batteries. This led to the partnership that created the genius work of the EZ battery reconditioning Program.

Both gentlemen added their years of experience and expertise to the course. They added their technique to this program to learn from their knowledge and benefit immensely on battery reconditioning. In the course, they also shared how and where to get these batteries without spending a dime.

Who is the program designed for?

This program is for those people with their battery juices drained out and welcome the option of recharging them for a new one with a much longer life span. This program is also for those that welcome the idea of having more recovered batteries.

One significant advantage of signing up for this battery recovery course is that when you grab the knowledge and tips shred therein, you will be able to use it repeatedly for as long as you wish. Hence, once you are done with this course, you certainly do not need to purchase those expensive brand new batteries again.

The course is replete with graphic images and diagrams. This means that you will not have to read the steps to take; you will also have an idea of what the creators are referring to. The course also emphasizes on secret tips you would take to recondition your dead rechargeable batteries.

The reconditioning steps discussed in the course can be used on any battery, such as deep-sea marine batteries, rechargeable batteries, golf cart batteries, solar panel batteries, forklift batteries, boat batteries, and long-life batteries, etc.

Furthermore, if you make use of solar panels or wind turbines, the course will help you know where to find deep cycle batteries for free, recondition them and utilize them for your wind turbines and solar panels. This knowledge will wave the cost of having to purchase expensive batteries for your system's bank; hence you’d have saved yourself a large chunk of dollars.

Ez Battery Reconditioning Review

How does the EZ Battery reconditioning program work? 

The program explains that the standard procedure of reconditioning a car battery. The course explains that you will need to wear a protective hand glove and glasses for the eyes to prevent battery acid from spilling on your skin. You will also learn how to disconnect batteries from all the wires that are attached to it.

All vehicles, like RVs, heavy vehicles, standard cars, campers, and so many other devices, make use of the standard lead-acid–wet batteries. Here's how these types of batteries work; in such batteries, the lead plate is held submerged in acid, producing a potential gap and an electromotive force between the positive and the negative electrodes. Due to extensive use, the plates within the battery appear to corrode and can result in a reduced supply of voltage and better battery life.

When the battery gets to this phase, so many folks presume this to be the end of their battery life and would proceed to purchase a new battery.

However, a question that needs to be asked is this: does that battery need a replacement? Or is that battery genuinely dead?

This is the point where the EZ battery reconditioning course comes in to play. The course highlights necessary steps that can help you to bring back to life your presumed dead battery.

According to the program, here are steps that can help us understand how this process is implemented:

  • Step One: Battery removal

The first step in bringing your battery to life is removing your batteries from your device or vehicle and ensuring that the battery's power terminals for the battery s disconnected. Also, ensure that you are working in a clean, safe, secure, and dry environment.

  • Step Two: The terminals and contacts have to be cleaned

The battery you have removed will most likely have lots of residues that have accumulated around the terminals and the contact. So using a ball of steel wool and an abrasive brush, ensure that you have the positive and negative terminals cleaned up.

  • Step Three: Have the battery voltage checked

You can check to see how your battery’s current output voltage performs according to its set output with the aid of a multimeter or a voltmeter. After performing this analysis, you will be able to take the necessary corrective measure according to what the program instructs.

  • Step Four: Have the cell liquid density checked

With the aid of a hydrometer, you can check the density of the fluid present in a lead-acid battery. Furthermore, you also have to ensure that there is adequate electrolyte level present in the cell. In the EZ battery reconditioning course, all the points needed to be considered in the step are discussed.

  • Step Five: Here you will remove sulfation from the batteries

Sulfation is the stage where your battery accumulates sulfur on the lead plates of your batteries as a result of prolonged use. You can get rid of these sulfur accumulation by using chemical additives or equalization, or preferably, you can make use of a high-frequency device.

In this reconditioning guide, a detailed description of all the steps you need to take to bring your presumed dead battery back to life is highlighted and discussed with diagrams, charts, and relevant images. You will also learn everything else that is required or all there is to know concerning battery reconditioning.

Features of the EZ Battery reconditioning Program

Outlined below are some of the features that you will enjoy when you purchase the EZ battery reconditioning:

  • Thorough information

You will learn and garner the detailed procedures on how to effectively make use of the multimeter for testing purposes. If the need for reconditioning arises.

  • Well defined list

In the EZ battery reconditioning program, a list that is well sorted of general materials is hugely beneficial in the battery reconditioning process.

  • Simplified Basic Tricks

This course unravels a basic simplified set of tricks that would help you examine a battery before making a purchase. You could potentially save lots of money by Understanding how this trick works.

  • The secret to purchasing rechargeable batteries

In this product, you will know where to make purchases for deep cycle batteries and tools that eventually become very simple to recondition.

  • Secret strategy

The EZ battery reconditioning course serves as a secret formula on how t impart new life to rechargeable batteries that have become worn out or impossible to charge again.

How much does the program cost?

It is not unusual to begin to wonder how much you are likely going to pay for this course. Also, considering the amount of money you are currently spending on batteries each year, you'd be expecting the cost to be way above the roof.

Thanks to the creators of this ingenious course, they have a mission of getting this course in the hands of every battery user, so for that reason, they decided that cost of the EZ battery reconditioning program should be just $47. Oh, and that’s just a onetime payment, no recurring bills, no upsell, just a measly $47 for all that value.

Not only that, but you also get to receive two bonus eBooks and lifetime updates.

Is there anything else I ought to know?

 In the EZ battery reconditioning course, creators, Tom and Frank, stressed the need to be safety conscious and outlined safety measures that should be followed to recondition batteries. They also discussed the type of safety items to equip yourself with

According to a 2006 study published in the Journal of Power Sources, it was said that sulfation is the primary cause of failure in lead-acid batteries commonly used in military land vehicles.

Another research revealed that adding certain additives into lead-acid batteries may prolong its life and decrease the chances of sulfation.


  • The program uses plain and primary understandable English language to communicate their secrets; they made use of diagrams to make it super easy to recondition your batteries and test them.
  • Two things that recondition your batteries are that the environment is safe from potential chemical from dead batteries, and you also save your pocket from unnecessary expenses.
  • It is possible to earn back up to 100% the cost price of a battery by reconditioning a few batteries.
  • The course is available for you to download it immediately; hence there is no need to wait for it.


  • There are only  a few necessary tools that you will need to be able to use the program effectively
  • There are a few underlying risks involved in handling batteries that have begun acid spillage. Thus your safety should be of significant concern
  • You also have to understand that it's not all kinds of batteries that can be reconditioned, and the results are not guaranteed.

More about the product

  • Author: Tom Ericson & Frank Thompson
  • Cost: The Course attracts a onetime payment of $47
  • Shipping Cost: There is no shipping cost accrued to this program, as it is delivered electronically
  • Refund Policy: The course allows for up to 60-day duration for a refund to be issued
  • Payment Mode: The payments are accepted through online mode, and SSL encrypted services like VeriSign protect its process.
  • One of the most amazing things about this product is the 60-day refund window. Also, the product cannot be bought via mainstream eCommerce websites like Amazon.

Final Verdict

From the above discussion, we can deduce that the EZ battery reconditioning program is a course worth the try. When you even think about it, the cost of purchase is relatively low, and you get a 60-day refund window, which is more than enough time to garner all you can and return if you don’t find it useful.

Another thing to consider is that the course is communicated in pure clear and concise language, with images, charts, and diagrams, hence there is technical jargon.

Finally, this is a course we recommend to anyone who wants to save costs on batteries and make the most of their battery life.

Click here to purchase.

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