Best Under Seat Car Subwoofer Reviews

Everyone loves high-quality and deep bass when listening to their favorite songs in their car. But the truth remains that it is not easy to get these kinds of benefits all packaged in a product.

Under-seat subwoofers are some of the choicest audio systems in cars. Like the name suggests, under seat subwoofers when installed in your car, occupies the small space under your car seat.

Naturally, all subwoofers are not identical. How then do you recognize which one is the best under seat subwoofer? It is fairly straightforward. Just understand the features, advantages, and disadvantages that each option offers. Equipped with this information, you'll quickly come to terms with the alternative that suits your needs.

The best under seat subwoofer for your car is one that provides an exceptional and simple installation process, great use of narrow areas, and longevity over the long haul. Many of these models feature a pre-installed amplifier that increases the comfort that drivers feel.

Here is all you need to know about the finest under-seat subwoofers for your car. 

How to Purchase the Best Under seat Subwoofer

To ensure you get a great subwoofer with a reasonable value for money, there are certain things you need to consider. They include:

1. Passive or Powered
When purchasing an under-seat subwoofer, a very important decision you have to make is either going for the passive or powered subwoofers.

Powered subwoofers are those that types of subwoofers that feature with an in-built amplifier. What this implies is that you don't have to use external amplifiers. In addition to providing more room for you, it is possible for a tidier fit because of the lesser wires' features.
Even without making use of external amplifiers, powered subwoofers will produce good sound. But the, a major disadvantage of using these types of subwoofers is the fact that they have a low output level.

On the other hand, passive under-seat speakers need more circuitry to function. For this type of subwoofer, the services of a technician may be important during the installation process.

2. Size
Also, the subwoofer scale is as important because it decides if it will fit and how much room will occupy underneath the seat.

Having said this, a subwoofer with a diameter of fewer than 3 inches or something similar is a great choice.

3. Root Mean Square (RMS) and Peak Power
Both variables are not always as clear cut as they should be. To be on the safe side, as you have to confirm the RMS and peak power of the subwoofer.

The peak power of a subwoofer is the total power supply that it can use in a short burst. On the other hand, RMS is the amount of constant power it can manage.

An 800-watt under-seat subwoofer is ideal for the peak power, while 100-200W is a great RMS for these subwoofers.

best under seat subwoofer

Why You Should Use Under Seat Subwoofers

1. Simple Installation
Under-seat subwoofers are amazingly simple to assemble as you just have to keep them in place and use them. As you compare with other audio system, you will readily see that these sound systems will not waste your time during installation.

2. Compact
Subwoofers are frequently compact and small in their design. Cars with minimal interior space are especially fit for use with subwoofers.

3. Affordable
Numerous subwoofers are pretty affordable since their cost falls within a particular limit which many buyers find conducive.

4. Lightweight
Because under-seat subwoofers are a great selection for use in small cars, they are compact and less difficult to handle.

5. Handy
Because of their lightness and compact nature, most under-seat subwoofers are very easy to move about in different positions in the car.

6. They won't burden your car.
The compact nature and lightness of under-seat subwoofers mean that they will not be a burden to your car. Hence, you don't have to so careful when approaching jumps and speed breakers.

7. Great performance
Regardless of their relatively low prices and smaller size, under-seat subwoofers a great solution when it comes to delivering excellent audio with great bass.

How to Mount an under-seat Subwoofer

A lot of under-seat subwoofers in a sole kit contain all the key components of a sub-system.
There are, however, certain things you should do before mounting your under seat subwoofer.

1. Pick the appropriate mountable spot.
To install your subwoofer, you need to find an appropriate spot in your car. As expected, your subwoofer's amplifier will generate a lot of heat, so it's essential to have enough air circulation. You should also position it in a spot where accessing it would not be stressful.

2. Purchase a wiring kit
Powered subwoofers don't feature the requisite wiring, so the onus is on you to purchase a cable kit that includes all the wiring and fuses you'll need.

3. Turn off your battery.
For shock-protection during the process of setup, ensure you unplug the negative terminal of your battery.
When you are disconnecting your battery, you can then mount your powered under seat subwoofer.

What is the hardest hitting underseat subwoofer

Rockville RW10CA


Our Review


Overall rating :  4 .8/ 5

Rockville RW10CA's huge 800 watts power management is the one of the top reasons why subwoofer lovers opt for it. Its power management is more efficient than any other product on this list.

Also, this system includes a 10-inch cone, which is also larger than other versions in this under seat subwoofer analysis. This cone easily displaces a large amount of air and can create a more powerful and deeper bass without disrupting the sound quality. Consequently, you can carry out a lot of audio adjustment using this top-notch subwoofer. Folks who are meticulous about the quality of their bass sounds will enjoy this product. 

With this audio system, you will enjoy high-level inputs developed to help ensure that the setup process is a piece of cake. During this setup process, you do not have to remove the receiver. The audio system also features more efficient temperature protection that would help you decrease the probability of burn-outs.

Rockville RW10CA does not contain tons of outputs like some other subwoofers. But it has all the rudimentary outputs as such, so this shouldn't be a problem. Have it at the back of your mind that if you opt for this audio system, you will get a wire package. As a result, it is pretty easy to configure.

RW10CA's slim design (2.7 inches thick by 10 inches wide) makes it a suitable fit in the tiniest under-seat spaces. For longer life, Rockville RW10CA comes with circuit protection systems that reverse polarity, plus it prevents overheating. This makes it one of the best under seat subwoofers out there. 


  • Very affordable
  • Compact
  • Low pass filter
  • Sturdy enclosure
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Solid and clean bass


  • Shallow bass
  • Tendency to overheat
  • Can cause sound distortion at high volume

Kicker 11HS8


Our Review


Overall rating :  4.8 / 5

Kicker 11HS8 is another hideaway audio system that offers great your car, plus it is also a compacter under seat subwoofer. Because it is one of the car audios that features an amplifier, it means that beginners will find it easy to use. Kicker 11HS8 encloses a 150W RMS so that while you'll still enjoy a top-notch sound, there would be no compromising on the bass. Also, the sub features a Velcro-fastened strap that makes it less stressful to install and remove. 

With a length of 14 inches and a diameter that is just above 3 inches, it is obvious that this subwoofer is compact. Hence, you can easily hide it under the seat of your car. 

For better adaptability, this under seat subwoofer includes high and low-level inputs that seamlessly integrate with any factory or aftermarket head unit. 11HS8's bass boost control, speaker-level inputs, auto turn off/on features, and wired remote control are impressive inclusions. Also, this audio system mixes great audio features with compactness in a particularly appealing manner.

Installing Kicker 11HS8 is not so difficult because of the Velcro-fastened straps and the power plugs that are easy to connect. With this necessary inclusions, the under-seat subwoofer will be easy to install as well as remove. Kicker 11HS8's cone is somewhat smaller than the other under-seat subwoofers on this list. But then, it is still a certainty that you will enjoy a sound quality that is quite above average.


  • Precise and easy base fine-tuning
  • Ideal for tight spaces
  • Competent in-built amplifier
  • Functions with most head units
  • Secure and simple installation


  • Cone is small

Kenwood KSC-SW11


Our Review


Overall rating :  4.75 / 5

Kenwood KSC–SW11 is a slim powered subwoofer that is compact enough to have you install it under your car seat. It comes in a rugged enclosure features an in-built amplifier that delivers a peak power of 150W and an RMS value of 75W. It has a hard aluminum cast framework that is long-lasting, plus Kenwood's track record is enough reason to have an assurance on the product.

The device also comes with a low-profile build that makes it relatively easy to fit beneath your car seat. You can also control KSC-SW11 remotely to ease you from unnecessary stress.

A wired remote control like this helps adjust crossover points and volume. Plus, it also helps in controlling the subwoofer over lower frequencies. Using this remote, you can also switch the phase from 0-180°. During installation, you can either mount it at the sides of the enclosure on the ends.

Because KSC-SW11 has an aluminum build, it is a great absorber of heat when you use it for a long time. Impressive enough, the front metal grill helps safeguard the diaphragm to make it last longer. It is indeed a competent and beginner-friendly subwoofer that is pretty much affordable.

It has a restricted number of customization so that there is a limit to how well you can customize your music. Notwithstanding, this solution is great at the default setting, something that people who don't care about tuning their bass will like.


  • Aluminum build for durability and heat absorption
  • Low-profile and compact
  • Includes a remote control
  • Front metal for security
  • Noise-free sound


  • Inadequate sound tuning choices

Rockville SS8P


Our Review


Overall rating :  4.7 / 5

Rockville designers often seek to appeal to all types of end-users with their devices. Rockville SS8P subwoofers are cost-effective and still a relatively reliable model for shoppers. 

It includes a 2.8-inch case that fits beneath the seat. Since the case of this subwwoofer is an aluminum alloy, it stays cool regardless of the duration for which the subwoofer has been functioning at maximum power. 

As with many other under-seat subwoofers, this subwoofer makes use of high-level inputs. Such high-level inputs ensure quick and easy installation. Additionally, these inputs are necessary for mounting even in cases of unavailability of pre amp outputs.

Rockville SS8P has an in-built amplifier so that it is not difficult to mount and wire up. Additionally, it includes high-level and low-level RCS input. An auto-on function in the subwoofer ensures that you don't have to turn the subwoofer on manually. All you have to do is to turn the stereo on, and the amplifier will follow suit.

Also, input sensitivity can be fixed. With an RMS of 100W and a 400W peak power, this under seat subwoofer is perfect for its size. As expected, this audio system features some fantastic controls to make it easy to operate. Even though this subwoofer does not feature impressive bass, what you will get will be worth your dollar.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Easier to mount
  • Does not overheat
  • Input sensitivity is adjustable
  • More compact for an ideal under-seat fit


  • Does not include impressive bass

JBL BassPro SL


Our Review


Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Subwoofers such as the JBL BassPros SL is a pretty easy subwoofer to install, which most beginners will appreciate. It will not come as a surprise to you when you become aware of how marked and straightforward the connectors are. To make it even more desirable to buyers, the designers of this audio system made sure that they include many outputs. These outputs are necessary to let users personalize the bass according to their preferences.

Compactness is a characteristic of all under-seat subwoofers, but the JBL BassPro SL does it more. Because the design of this audio system is efficient, it will always keep cool even when it is functioning at very high volumes. Hence, the risk of the subwoofer instigating fire is low, making it safe to use.

JBL BassPRO contains an 8-inch cone on the inside, even though it is not very big. It is deep and punchy and sounds better than a lot of under-seat subwoofer in the market.

By taking its price into account, the sound system should have a higher bass. But its sound is still fantastic. Hence, this model can serve you well unless you are searching for something with a super high kick.


  • Can work with remote bass controller
  • Easy to use and install
  • High-quality build
  • Stays cool at high/low volumes
  • Includes many outputs


  • Insufficient bass

Rockville USS10


Our Review


Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Rockville USS10, a decent 10-inch slim subwoofer, both generate an excellent sound and lets users adjust the sound to match their desires. To solve this problem, the audio system has some incredible sound change controls.

Also, the build of this subwoofer is such that fitment was put to mind during the construction process. . Hence it is just 2.9-inches thick, ensuring it perfectly fits underneath the car seat. Like some subwoofers featured above, its peak power of 800 watts makes it a very potent subwoofer. Aside from the tons of features, it incorporates, folks who enjoy a strong bass blow will find it appealing as it includes a remote control system so you can easily change tracks.

Since the outputs and inputs have a common position, it only means that deployment and wiring will become neater and smoother. Also, this subwoofer is obtainable for those who want to be lightweight, something like an 8-inch capacity. It features an intelligent turn on the circuit that it uses to turn on the radio by detecting the presence of detect audio signals.

Rockville USS10 contains an easy-to-use phase switch. With this switch, a user can make changes from 0-180° while also using the low filter pass. Also, the subwoofer features a range of frequency that corresponds to 50Hz-500Hz.

Even though the guidelines for the deployment of this subwoofer is not so detailed, this is not an issue to worry about, because even new users will find it easy to deploy.


  • Perfectly fits under a car seat
  • Easy sound control
  • Higher peak power
  • Clean and easy wiring/installation
  • Features bass remote control


  • Not-so-detailed instructions

Rockford Fosgate PS-8


Our Review


Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Rockford Fosgate PS-8 is a subwoofer that produces optimal performance, which is what the manufacturers intended. It has an integrated 150-watt amplifier that operates well and provides the highest quality of sound.

In fact, the overall design is preferable to other versions we've seen in this price bracket.  Fosgate PS-8's entire front side has a metal bodywork that shields it against external factors, and the framework is sturdy. Given the heavy-duty build of this under-seat subwoofer, it still retains a compact and low-profile design.

As a result of its all-inclusive system, there is no need to running lots of circuitry as all you have to run a signal, ground, and power. If you do want to personalize your audio, then this subwoofer has a lot of tuning options and outputs that make it very all-encompassing.

A quick connection system is also a characteristic of this woofer that lets you disconnect and connect input cables easily. Hence, this makes it incredibly convenient for new users to mount and use. When placed side-by-side with other subwoofers on this compilation, its overall performance and build quality will see that you get great value for money.


  • Produces low heat
  • No sound distortion
  • Durable packaging
  • Includes a lot of audio customization
  • Thermal protection circuits and reverse polarity


  • Somewhat expensive

Kenwood KSC-PSW8


Our Review


Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

Kenwood KSC-PSW8 is a class D amplifier, which explains why it can deliver such a nice and powerful punch. To make the installation process easier, this subwoofer contains an in-built amplifier against other models that will necessitate separate installation for all the parts. It also features a wired remote that lets you control the volume, the crossover, and the variable low pass from the luxury of your seat.

Installation is also quick and easy, as there are only two plugs with the smaller profile of this subwoofer. It will fit perfectly under the car seat. Because this under seat subwoofer is a Kenwood product, it does not produce noise, making the sound quality great.

KSC-PSW8 has an RMS 75 watts and peak power of 150 watts. Also, this subwoofer features an 81 dB sound sensitivity, which is quite good for its size and price. Its frequency response is between 35 to 150 Hz, an ideal frequency response range for cars. However, it appears that PSW8's remote does not control much, which leaves you responsible for adjusting the settings on the unit. As a result, this may be somewhat tiresome. But overall, this under seat subwoofer makes good for its price.


  • Easy and quick to install
  • Powerful amplifier
  • Low profile and small design
  • Clear with no sound distortion


  • Limited remote control


Anyone who owns a car will appreciate a great audio system. While taking up very minimal space, subwoofers offer deep bass – the exact combination that car owners love. They perfectly fit in the small space beneath the seat.

Most car owners love their music to have a touch of bass as they listen to it while driving. But then, enjoying good music with a great bass all tails down to having a top-notch subwoofer. With every manufacturer claiming to have the best subwoofer in the market, the truth remains that you will want to get the best.

Having tested through each of the subwoofers, the powerful Rockville RW10CA with a peak power of 800W is our choice. Aside from being a powerful subwoofer, it features a large 10-inch cone and high-level inputs, critical for a great performance.

But if you are on a tight budget, you may consider opting for Rockville SS8P, which is a nice peak with great features.

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