Pioneer AVH-1300NEX Multimedia Receiver


You might think the double din head unit is a bit too complex to install or operate. Their classy nature may suggest a high price tag, but that is simply not the case, at least not anymore, as most of these units are relatively easier to install and operate than their looks suggest, and comes loaded with features you will not regret buying.

If you are still not willing to ditch your old car stereo like I did mine a long time ago, there’s no excuse for the willingness to miss out on the larger screen sizes, ease of operation, and several other fantastic features that come with the double din head.

With slashed prices, they are now easily affordable, and if you were curious about the best double din head unit, find below our review to help you choose.

Our Top Rated Products

#1st Rated
Pioneer AVH-1300NEX Multimedia Receiver

Pioneer AVH-1300NEX Multimedia Receiver

#2nd Rated
Pioneer MVH-S600BS Double Din Digital Receiver

Pioneer MVH-S600BS Double Din Digital Receiver

#3rd Rated
Boss Audio Systems BV9358B Car DVD Player

Boss Audio Systems BV9358B Car DVD Player

Best Double Din Head Unit


Our Review


Overall rating :  4.9 / 5

From my experience, I’ll nominate the Pioneer AVH-1300NEX as the overall best double din head unit. It comes with all the features that meet the expectations of a top-notch car stereo. Slightly smaller in size than other double dins at 6.2-inches, it comes with excellent features, and ease of operation.

It is easy to install with a detailed user manual there to guide you with diagrammatic illustrations making it more simplified.

If your device is Apple, you don’t need to worry about its compatibility, as it comes with the Apple CarPlay feature, for easy integration with iOS devices, other than that, if you prefer to use CDs or DVDs it still supports both features.

In terms of connectivity, you can connect with the Pioneer AVH-1300NEX wirelessly through Bluetooth, or through the use of a USB port, it also supports the AUX connectivity.

The inbuilt radio supports the AM/FM and Sirius XM transmissions and supports multiple video formats in addition to its numerous streaming services.

Unlike the Apply CarPlay it supports, the Pioneer AVH-1300NEX does not support the Android Auto service, which means android users only connect their android devices using the native interface, this is one of its downsides. Another drawback is the position of its USB port at the backside, requiring an extension cable to make it accessible.


  • Apple CarPlay support
  • Easy install by just connecting three wires
  • Flawless bypass of the break lockout for the enjoyment of music and videos
  • CD and DVD compartment
  • Supports USB, Bluetooth and AUX connectivity
  • Satellite radio connectivity
  • Minimal components with just three 6-inch cables that don’t take up space
  • Supports the AM/FM frequency receivers


  • USB port is not easily accessible
  • Android Auto not supported
  • Slightly smaller in sizeDoes not support wireless remote control

Pioneer MVH-S600BS Double Din Digital Receiver


Our Review


Overall rating :  4.85 / 5

If you need something that offers value and the same time fits your budget, I’ll recommend this Pioneer MVH-S600BS which I consider to be the best value double din media receiver.

It has a minimal design, and the manufacturers decided to ditch the DVD/CD compartment, but it hardly matters since we are now in a digital and smart era. The front view features a polished rotary dial that oozes a mixture of modernity and traditional stereos.

The Pioneer MVH-S600BS does not support the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto features, but you don’t have to worry much. To make up for this shortcoming, it comes with an ARC app, which allows you to control it through an Android or iOS phone remotely.

You can also connect wireless through its Bluetooth connectivity feature, and make or receive calls, and stream music from your smartphone, it also supports Mp3, WAV, FLAC, WMA and AAC audio formats.

In terms of video, the Pioneer MVH-S600BS Digital Media Receiver does not support video media playback because it does not feature a touchscreen. I consider this a huge letdown but remember it is a to be a budget-friendly din.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity for hands-free calls and music streaming.
  • Supports multiple music formats, mp3, AAC, WAV, WMA, FLAC
  • Supports the ARP app
  • FM/AM digital receiver
  • Inbuilt MOSFET 14 watts RMS CEA-2006/50 amplifier
  • Multiple colour backlighting
  • 13-band graphic equalizerInbuilt iOS control supportSupports MIXTRAX virtual DJ
  • Supports Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR)Steering audio compatibility


  • Minimalistic features
  • No DVD/CD compartment
  • Does not support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
  • Does not have a touchscreen for digital media playback

Boss Audio Systems BV9358B Car DVD Player


Our Review


Overall rating :  4.7 / 5

The Boss Audio system is a decent upgrade from Pioneer MVH-S600BS and bosses a wide range of features similar to the Pioneer AVH-1300NEX Multimedia Receiver, with a 6.2-inch screen display. It is a touchscreen which also means you can play and control digital media through the smart way.

Its wireless Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect and wirelessly answer or make calls in a hands-free mode, integrating your car's speakers to make and receive calls.

It also supports a wide range of audio and media input slots, like the CD/DVD compartment, if you still have a knack for the old school, this should serve you.

It also comes a USB port where you can simply play music or media from a flash drive and an SD card slot if you prefer to use an external SD card storage device. It also supports the FM/AM radio frequencies and AUX input.

You will agree with me that the Boss's selling point is its broad media support, and if you consider the quality of its audio, you won’t agree less. On the back of it, you will find many input and output units for sound support, which allows you even to customize your audio system to your liking.

Perhaps because the Boss is feature-packed, you will find some of its functionalities a bit tacky, as you’ll sometimes discover the system delays when trying to access the touchscreen and other features.

Sometimes the display also becomes glitch, especially when playing a video media and has difficulty playing the right song. Still, overall the features of the Boss Audio Systems BV9358B Car DVD Player will amaze you.


  • Supports wireless Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and streaming of media
  • Supports touchscreen for media control
  • Supports the DVD/CD media playback
  • FM/AM radio support
  • Steering control compatible
  • Wireless remote control
  • ID3 tag support for displaying track details
  • Pre-amp output
  • SD card and AUX input support


  • System delays when playing media
  • No support for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
  • The video playback sometimes become a bit crackly

EINCAR Android 9.0 Car Stereo


Our Review


Overall rating :  4.7 / 5

Worthy of special mention for our best double din head unit is the EINCAR Android 9.0 car stereo. The brand name may sound new to you, but its features will definitely wow you.

First, in terms of display, it comes with a 7-inch capacitive touch display, to suit your liking, if size matters to you and also boasts an amazing performance speed with its quad-core system support.

In terms of other features, it offers sublime wireless connectivity with its advanced Bluetooth 4.0, supports Wi-Fi connectivity, radio player, and a GPS navigation system. Amazing huh? That is not all.

The EINCAR Android 9.0 Car Stereo also supports a rearview camera system and comes with remote control for easy operation when you don’t feel like touching it. It has high compatibility with Android devices only and so if you have an Apple device; it will not work for you.

The EINCAR has a high-resolution screen display, and you will enjoy watching videos on this device. Thanks to its full HD 1080p resolution display, which is not only wide enough but is also super responsive. You can also customize how the display looks by using any of its several inbuilt wallpapers.

There are a few downsides to the EINCAR Android 9.0, and the 7-inch display means it will not be able to fit into most common double din head unit adapters.

The system is also slow at startup, perhaps because there are too many features. And again, because it is an Android–compatible system, it is not compatible with an Apple iPhone. Even for Android users, for it to work effectively with your Android device, the version of the operating system must match your device.


  • Supports rearview camera system
  • 7-inch capacitive touchscreen
  • High-resolution video display
  • Remote control support
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 support
  • Wi-Fi connectivity support
  • GPS navigation system


  • Screen size may not fit into most regular din head unit
  • Not compatible with iOS
  • Does not support Apple Carplay
  • No DVD/CD compartment

JENSEN 6.2-inch Double Din A/V Receiver


Our Review


Overall rating :  4.7 / 5

The Jensen double din is another suitable option worth considering, and it features the regular 6.2-inch capacitive touchscreen. The resolution is 800x480 which is fair enough, considering it is a car stereo.

It is built with compatibility with iOS devices and therefore features the Apple Carplay feature, which also functions outstandingly. It allows you to mirror your Apple device which operates as a projector with your Apple device displayed directly on it, and also integrate the unit into your steering control.

In terms of connectivity, it supports Bluetooth wireless connection which allows you to connect and use your device in a hands-free mode. There is a compartment for micro SD card and USB ports.

The unfortunate thing about JENSEN 6.2 is the limited nature of its microphone system. It is difficult to adjust and pointing it in your direction becomes impossible. The quality of its sound does not offer the best output either, and you’ll have to toggle through settings to come up with something pleasant.


  • Supports 4G and Wi-Fi network connectivity
  • Double satellite navigation system
  • High-resolution display
  • FM/AM stereo system
  • USB charging support
  • 8-band graphic equalizer
  • Steering wheel control support
  • Apple CarPlay support
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Supports micro SD and USB functions


  • Does not support Android Play
  • Microphone is challenging to adjust
  • Sound quality needs improving

JVC 6.2-inch Resistive Touch Monitor


Our Review


Overall rating :  4.6 / 5

JVC, you probably know the name as a famous brand when it comes to electronics, and this sublime 6.2-inch resistive touch double din head unit won’t let you down either.

It is compatible with the SiriusXM satellite radio which allows you to stream music limitlessly online, and Bluetooth wireless connectivity to enable you to use your device in a hands-free mode, and also synchronize with your smartphone device.

In terms of audio, it supports the DVD/CD compartment, supports Mp3 playback and USB ports for external device connectivity. Its 13-band equalizer allows you to customize your sound output system bringing it to a full feature with its 5V preamp outlets.

There’s no requirement for extra wiring, as the JVC unit comes with a complete wiring system to help you with the installation process.

There’s always a downside to everything, and for this unit, it is lack of screen visibility, that does not improve even by increasing the brightness level. The user interface is also a bit complex and challenging to learn.


  • Supports Sirius XM Radio
  • Compatible with Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • DVD/CD compartment
  • USB port support
  • It comes with a 13-band equalizer
  • 5V preamp outlets
  • Full wiring harness


  • Low brightness levels
  • Complex user interface

Kenwood DDX25BT 6.2-Inch In-Dash Unit


Our Review


Overall rating :  4.6 / 5

Our list will not be complete without a mention of the Kenwood DDX25BT 6.2-inch unit. As the name suggests, comes with a 6.2-inch LCD screen, which is the ideal standard for most double dins. Its LED backlighting feature is also impressive.

It comes with Bluetooth wireless connectivity for making and receiving calls in hands-free mode, and also for streaming music directly from your smartphone. It is compatible with iOS and therefore supports the Apple CarPlay feature.

In terms of audio and performance, it has a power output of 50-watts x 4 channels and an RMS of 22-watts4 x channels. It's RCA video output unit can connect the Kenwood DDXTBT to other monitors. It also houses a DVD/CD media player and also supports the Sirius XM Radio for unlimited music streaming.

Another good thing about this unit is that it is easy to install, and the sound quality is immense.


  • Supports multiple languages
  • 13-band graphic equalizer
  • OEM remote control interface
  • Supports iOS and Android systems
  • Supports loudness installer and a backup memory


  • Performance sometimes lag
  • Sometimes there is difficulty pairing with other Bluetooth devices.

Why Should You Get A Double Din Head Unit?

Still not convinced why you should get a double din head unit for your car? Find below the reasons why they are the best

• Wireless Bluetooth connectivity

You can easily connect and synchronize your smartphone device, tablet, or any other device with Bluetooth compatibility for improved file sharing. What this means is that you can access your music playlist audiobooks and contacts on your double head unit without touching your device.

• Hands-free control

Bluetooth connectivity ensures you can use your connected device in a hands-free mode without physically operating your device or the double din head unit. You can easily make and receive calls automatically, depending on your configurations. Thanks to the Google voice recognition system, you could simply talk to your head unit to initiate voice commands.

• Improved sound quality

The double din heads offer an improved sound quality, and so upgrading your car speakers may simply not be enough to give you your desired sound output.

The double din head comes programmed with an advanced sound system that gives you the ability to come up with different sound settings. There’s almost a limitless sound variation you can get when using a double din head unit.

• Simple screen controls

If you compare the double din head unit to its single-Din head counterpart, then you can tell that the difference in their controls is noticeable; that is if you have used both like me.

But if you haven’t, the double din offers a comparatively more straightforward and easy screen control due to its bigger screen size that provides more convenience when touched. The graphics interface is also similar to that of your mobile device, which makes it user-friendly.

• Multiple multimedia connectivity support

Regardless of your preference, the double din head gives you an array of connection support, whether it is a USB connection, or you prefer the old-type CD/DVD player, an SD card, FM radio, mp3 of your smartphone or any other Bluetooth connection device, the double din head is on hand to meet all your connection needs.

It is even possible to charge your device on the double din heads stereo.

Key features to look out for

Now to get the best value and something that will offer you the best experience, you should always look out for the following features in addition to the above advantages when buying a double din head unit.

• Multiple pre-amp outputs

A common rule for the best double din head unit is that they must come with several pre-amp outputs with significant signal voltage to be able to produce a good sound quality. Should you decide to upgrade your car speakers, a good double din head should be able to match your new speaker’s signal strengths.

You should always, therefore, examine the pre-amp outputs to be sure they will produce a good sound system.

• Compatibility

Compatibility is critical, and you should always look out for it as you wouldn’t want to get stuck with a double din head that cannot integrate with your smartphone device.

The best double din head unit must, as a matter of necessity must be able to connect and synchronize with your device, allowing you a seamless experience with Spotify, Netflix, or iTunes.

• Wireless Connectivity

Staying wireless is the way to go; you will agree. A Bluetooth-enhanced double din head ensures you stay wireless while at the same time make and receive calls, stream music, and do more.

Always ensure it has a Bluetooth capability that can connect with not just one but multiple devices at a time.

• Power

Sometimes you may want to go overboard in terms of sound, but a lousy sound system may lead to distorted sound output. A powerful stereo should be able to play music without distortion.

To know if your double din head has the required power output you should simply check the RMS wattage; the higher it is, the more powerful it will be.


• Can I  install the double din head unit into my dashboard?

Most double din head units come with an instruction guide on how to install them. Following the guide correctly will make the installation process an easy one. And if you are worried if it will fit into your dashboard, all modern cars are built to accommodate a double din head unit. Provided it doesn’t, you can buy an additional faceplate to make it fit.

• Do I need an antenna for my double din head to work?

Using an antenna will boost signal reception for the radio, but you don’t need an antenna when you are streaming radio online. You can also connect to your car radio through Bluetooth.

• Is a double din head unit affordable?

Depending on their features, prices vary; however, there are many budget-friendly din head units than meets your budget.

• Why is it called a double din head?

The standard measurement for a single din head unit is at least 7 x 2 inches, while the size for double din, on the other hand, is 7 x 4 inches.


If you want to derive satisfaction from your car's multimedia system, a double din head is all you need. With so many to consider, factoring out the most ideal is simply by considering their most basic functionalities such as wireless connectivity, sound quality functionality, power, broad compatibility and more.

To help you arrive quickly at a decision, you simply need to consider our list of the best double din head units.

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