Dave Patel

Dave has vast experience in automotive diagnostics and has been working with cars for over 10 years.

Best 12 Inch Subwoofer

I am a music enthusiast and one of my favorite pastimes is cruising along in my luxury sedan with rich, great-sounding, bass-laden, low-end sounds emanating from my car. Don’t give the credit to the custom audio sound system in my car; my 12 inch subwoofer does the magic! With this article, I’ll let you in …

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Best 4 Channel Amp Reviews

Most times, you will notice that your car’s factory stereo system does not really give you the heavy and deep sound that you relish and this is actually because it’s just a car and not a home theater system! However, getting the best 4 Channel Amp will make your dreams for always hearing pristine sounds …

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Best Single Din Head Unit

Car stereos are a fantastic companion while driving, as you can comfortably listen to your favorite music and radio shows while on a ride. Interestingly, the best single head din unit comes handy, providing you access to all their entertaining features. They often come with different features that make journeys fun-filled.Although vehicles are often equipped …

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How to Bypass Limp Mode

One of my unforgettable experiences in recent times was the day I was cruising on the highway in very high spirits, singing along to my favorite songs playing over the radio and oops…the ‘check engine’ light on my dashboard initially flickered and then lit up. My high spirits immediately ebbed and worse still, my car …

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EZ Battery Reconditioning Reviews

Ez Battery Reconditioning Review OverviewIt is possible to recondition all battery types through the procedure you would garner and discover from the EZ battery reconditioning course. Devices such as cars, solar batteries, smartphones, and laptops. And this happens when you reside in regions that utilize these kinds of energies. Moreso, there are also some fantastic sets …

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Best 6.5 car speakers

As a music lover, one of the most irritating experiences you could ever have is to listen to your favorite song with the regular factory-made stock speakers. Those speakers could spring up outright frustration because there are no clear frequency separations, music could end up being distorted, and the vocals can become muffled.It is not …

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